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Do You Need Your Document Now?

Scan on Demand - Online Document DeliveryUnderground Archives knows there are times when a vital request for information just can’t wait or a document is too important for physical delivery. That’s why we offer Scan on Demand service.

Files Delivered Digitally When You Need Them

Our Scan on Demand service is an economical l alternative to a more comprehensive back file conversion project. Why scan all of your documents when a typically small subset may be all that’s required to support your organization?

Scan on Demand combines the economics of simple, offsite hard copy file storage and the convenience, security and rapid accessibility of an electronic document system. This is especially useful if you have multiple locations or if you need immediate and ongoing access to specific documents. It’s also an efficient way to begin the process of digitizing your files.

Instead of retrieving a file from Underground Archives for physical delivery, we retrieve the necessary record(s), prepare and scan it, upload it to a secure digital repository and then return the physical file its storage location. We’ll send you all the information you will need to access the file digitally or we can email the specific file to you, whichever best serves your needs.

Customized Services

Realizing that your approach to accessing your archival records is unique to you, Underground Archives will design a scan on demand solution specifically for your organization.

We invite you to discover how Underground Archives can partner with your organization to solve your records retrieval and delivery challenges. Contact us by phone or fill in the form on the right hand side of the page to discuss your scanning needs today.

Underground Archives is the right solution, by design.

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